From the Founders

When forming Forge Energy in 2011, we wanted to create an exceptional company that would not only be remembered for being successful but also for how it conducted business. We spent a lot of time talking beforehand about our long-term vision, core values and the philosophy that would guide every step of our way. In addition to a high degree of integrity and a dedication to excellent performance, Forge would be committed to being a company that elicited pride among our team, confidence from investors and trust within the communities where we are privileged to work.

From the start, we recognized the cornerstone of any great business is its people — employees and contractors alike. We set out to bring together a talented and dedicated group with exceptional personal and professional values who uphold the high standards for how Forge operates. Being able to bring this seasoned team together is at the heart of our success. Their dedication continues to develop Forge Energy’s reputation as a company that values innovation and technological advancement with financial discipline at every step in the decision-making process.

A team of problem solvers with deep technical skills in every facet of our business allows us to collectively manage complex assets while exhibiting the commitment to execute our business plan with focus, efficiency and discipline. While we expect the very highest level of professionalism, expertise and quality of work at Forge, we back it up with respect at every turn with an unwavering commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.

We express our appreciation to all concerned for their continued support as we move forward in executing our plan for long-term value creation. Our success is attributable to an exceptionally talented team aligned with our strategy, capable of consistent execution at the highest level and dedicated to building an outstanding company. We are proud of our accomplishments to date and believe our framework positions Forge to be opportunistic in delivering both value and growth.

Barry Winstead
Founding Partner, President & CEO

Danny Boone
Founding Partner, Executive Vice President, Asset & Business Development

Arnold Nall
Founding Partner, Executive Vice President, Operations